Oncological rehabilitation means finding one's own way for living with or after cancer. One thing is certain: there is no "ideal way" that fits everyone. On the contrary, in joint discussions patients, carers and therapists develop a common view of the specific problems, needs and targets and set out an individual rehabilitation plan.

Rehabilitation targets are guided by individual physical, social, psychological and emotional problems (illness-centred perspective), but also focus on health-promoting possibilities, individual resources and target perspectives (health-centred perspective).

Different targets and ways require different means. For that reason, the Department of Oncological Rehabilitation and Aftercare offers a wide range of body-centred, psycho-oncological and art-therapy options (see also psycho-oncological therapy and art therapy).


Physiotherapy - International Pancreatic Cancer Centre

In the health care system, rehabilitation is now seen to mean the re-integration into "normal" daily life or work.