Tumours in some patients cannot be safely removes, as there is already contact with the major arterial and venous supply vessels to the intestines. In these cases, it may be necessary to pre-treat the tumour under study conditions with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, in order to make surgery possible after all.

Same as after chemotherapy, in addition to the standard therapy we offer you participation in a number of studies as well as supportive measures.

Patients with a locally advanced tumour are included in studies on the pre-treatment of tumours with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The purpose of pre-treatment of the tumour radiotherapy and chemotherapy is to examine under study conditions whether surgery with complete removal of the tumour is possible subsequent to this treatment. Pre-treatment takes approx. 6 weeks. A repeat computer tomography is then used to assess whether surgery is an option after the tumour has shrunk or transformed into scar tissue.


Radiotherapy - International Pancreatic Cancer Centre

As part of clinical studies, patients with advanced tumours receive pre-treatment with radiotherapy or chemotherapy, in order to make surgery a possible option even for far advanced tumours.