Follow-up treatment

Under certain conditions, follow-up treatment is carried out after your surgery. In an outpatient appointment, the subsequent chemotherapy is discussed with you. Gemcitabine is currently the most commonly used chemotherapeutic agent for follow-up treatment. This appointment is very important, because a risk of the tumour recurring remains, even if your tumour has been completely surgically removed. It is likely that the culprits are individual tumour cells which have lodged away from the original tumour mass. One way of reducing this risk is by chemotherapy following your surgery.

Because each patient requires individual chemotherapy depending on the findings of the histological examination of the tissue, in addition to the standard therapy we also offer you participation in a number of clinical studies conducted by the International Pancreas Centre. If you have been referred by a fellow oncologist or an oncological hospital or if you have far to travel to Freiburg, you can also receive standard chemotherapy closer to your home.


Infusion- International Pancreatic Cancer Centre

Adjuvant follow-up treatment for patients after curative pancreatic surgery is recommended on current findings.