Dietary advice

Dietary factors play a major role in the development and prevention of cancers. For that reason, we set particular value on competent and stimulating advice on healthy eating, the selection and preparation of food; our kitchen follows the same principles and provides wholesome tasty menus with the option of adaptation to individual requirements.

On the other hand, eating disorders can develop in the course of the development and particularly the treatment of cancer, which require particularly careful and sensitive dietary advice and nutritional care.

Our dieticians and nutritionists help with all questions concerning food and nutrition; if special circumstances pertain, they plan the best way to proceed together with the medical staff, e.g. concerning the selection of a special diet or, if necessary, even a more intensive nutrition therapy with drugs, supplementary nutrients, liquid or tube feeding or forms of intravenous feeding.

The facilities exist for the full range of nutritional diagnostics including anthropometry, bio-impedance analysis, and vitamin assessment. In addition to the clinical provisions, we also conduct research in the field of nutritional medicine.

A healthy diet 

A healthy diet - International Pancreatic Cancer Centre

Our dieticians and nutritionists help with all questions concerning food.